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Clergy are listed alphabetically. The list includes those to whom Churches/Cures are assigned. The list also includes Supplementary clergy, Deaconesses, Church Army officers and retired clergy some of whom are currently assisting certain Churches/Cures. Clergy on Special Assignment(s) are also listed.
M - Mission
C/E - Chapel at ease
SM - Supplementary Minister
Ret. - Retired
Act'g - Acting
Allen, Byron, Rev (SM) Church of Ascension, Mona St. Andrew
Allen, Michael, Rev. Church of Ascension St. Andrew
  St. Matthew's, Jack's Hill St. Andrew
Anderson, Richard, Rev.  (SM) Church of the Holy Trinity, Linstead St. Catherine
Atkinson-Linton, Judith, Rev. (SM) St. Mark's Cure, Brown's Town St. Ann
Barnes, Douglas, Rev.  (on study leave) St. Mark's, Mandeville Manchester
Barry, Muffet, Rev.  (SM) St. Mary the Virgin, Marverley St. Andrew
Beckford, Cleverton, Rev.  St. Andrew's Cure, Albert Town Manchester
Blackwood, Seymour, Rev (SM) Church of Ascension, Mona St. Andrew
Blake, Winston R.   Rev. (SM) St. Barnabas', Siloah St. Elizabeth
Bogle, Paul, Rev St. George's, Bartons Cure St. Catherine
Brackett, Ulit, Rev. (SM) St. Barnabas, Mile Gully Manchester
Bramwell, Patricia, Rev. (SM) St. John's, Ocho Rios St. Ann
Bramwell, Rose, Rev.  (SM) St. Jude's, Stony Hill St. Andrew
Brown, Annett, Very Rev. St. Augustine's, Coral Gardens St. James
  St. Leonard's, Blue Hole  
Brown, Kirk, Rev. St. Gabriel's, May Pen Clarendon
Campbell, Garfield R, Rev. St. Peter's Cure, Falmouth Trelawny
Campbell, Monique, Rev. St. Ann's Bay, Parish Church St. Ann
  St. Saviour's, Lime Hall  
  St. Mark's, Chester  
  St. Agnes, Priory  
Carey, Melvin, Rev. (SM) Church of the Transfiguration, Havendale St. Andrew
Clarke, Peter, Very Rev. St. John's, Black River St. Elizabeth
  St. Barnabas', Crawford  
  All Souls', Brompton  
  St. Boniface, Pondside  
  St. Stephen's, Arlington  
Coley, Delroy, Rev. (SM) St. Dorothy's Cure, Old Harbour St. Catherine
Cunningham, Everton, Rev. Christ Church, Christiana Manchester
  St. John the Baptist, Coleyville  
  St. Jude's, Battersea  
  St. Paul's, Spaulding  
  St. John the Divine, Alston  
Cunningham, Patrick, Venerable St. Luke's, Cross Roads St. Andrew
  St. Phillip's, Whitfield Town  
Daniel, Harold, Rt. Rev. Church of the Transfiguration St. Andrew
Danvers, Charles, Rev. (SM) St. Augustine's, Porus Manchester
Davis, Edmund, Venerable Dr. St. George’s, East Street Kingston
Donald, Beverly, Rev. St. Luke's, Cross Roads St. Andrew
Dyer, Errol Lloyd  (SM) St. Matthew's, Jackson Town Trelawny
Elliott, Michael, Rev. Fr.  Church of the Holy Spirit, Cumberland Portmore
  St. Andrew's, Caymanas Portmore
Evans, Daren, Rev St. Matthew's Cure, Santa Cruz St. Elizabeth
Fairweather-Wilson, Jean, Very Rev. Church of the Holy Trinity, Trinityville St. Thomas
  All Saints', The Abbey  
  St. David's, Yallahs  
  St. John's, Woburn Lawn  
  St. Paul's, Danvers Pen  
Ferguson, Ivan E. Rev. (SM) Church of the Holy Trinity, Retreat St. Mary
Geddes-McDonald, Lorraine, Rev. (SM) St. Dorothy's Cure, Old Harbour St. Catherine
Golding, Leon P,  Rt. Rev. Suffragan Bishop of Montego Bay St. James
Gooden, Sedley, Rev. St. Stephen's, St. Margaret's Bay Portland
   St. Dunstan's, Orange Bay  
  St. John's, Bybrook  
  St. Matthew's, Mount Herman  
  St. Michael's, Fruitful Vale  
  St. Paul's, Claverty Cottage C/E  
  St. Peter's, Hope Bay  
  Maidstone C/E  
Graham, Mary, Rev.  St. George’s, Georgetown, Grand Cayman GRAND CAYMAN
Grant, Basil, Rev. (SM) St. Mark's, Mandeville Manchester
Greene, Vinton, Very Rev. St. Mary's Cure, Rural Hill Portland
Gregory, Howard, Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop of Jamaica & the Cayman Islands  
Hall, Alwyn O. Rev. St. Michael's, Clark's Town Trelawny
  St. Mark's, Rio Bueno  
  St. Matthew's, Jackson Town  
  St. Barnabas, Duncans  
Honeyghan, Khan, Rev.  (on study leave) Kingston Parish Church Kingston
Honeyghan, Rory, Rev. On leave from the Diocese  
Hurst, Louis, Rev. Fr. St. Michael's, Mavis Bank St. Andrew
  St. Marks, Craigton  
  St. Mary's Woodford  
  St. Peter's, Clifton,  
  St. Stephen's, Maryland  
Hutchinson, Seymour, Rev. (SM) St. Cyprian's, Highgate St. Mary
Inshanally, Errol, Rev. Kingston Parish Church Kingston
Jackson, Basil E, Rev. St. Thomas, Bluefields Westmoreland
Jackson, Franklyn, Very Rev. Fr. Church of St. Margaret, Liguanea St. Andrew
  St.Joseph's, The Grove  
  St. Cyprian's, August Town  
Jennings, Vivette, Rev. All Saints' Cure, Denham Town Kingston
Johnson, Claudette Rev. St. Saviour’s, Harewood St. Catherine
  St. Boniface, Mount Industry  
   St. Faith's, Faith's  
  St. Mark's, Ham Walk  
  St. Phillip's, Morris Hall  
Johnson, Leroy, Rev. St. George's, Savanna-la-Mar  Westmoreland
  St. Barnabas', George's Plain  
  All Saints', Meylersfield  
Johnson, Patricia, Rev. Church of the Good Shepherd St. Andrew
Jones, Barrington. Rev. St. Boniface Cure, Harbour View Kingston
Jones, Harold, Rev.  St. Paul's, Little London Westmoreland
  St. Mary's, Negril  
  St. Helena's, Sheffield  
  St. Silas', Mt. Airy  
Joseph, Patrick, Rev. St. Cyprian's, Highgate St. Mary
  St. Michael's, Belfield
  St. Agaths's, Bromley
  St. Gabriel's, Woodside
  Church of the Ephipany, Richmond
  St. Martin's, Martin
Keane-Dawes, Ronald Rev. Fr. Church of the Holy Trinity, Linstead St. Catherine
  SS Simon and Jude, Ewarton  
  St. John's OPC, Guanaboa Vale  
  St. Thomas-ye-Vale, Bog Walk  
Kerr, Denniston, Rev.  St. Luke's, Vaughnsfield  St. James
  St. John's, Grace Hill  
  St. Mary Magdalene, Granville, C/E  
Kinkead, Khaliah, Rev. Hillcrest Diocesan Retreat Centre St. Ann
Kitson, Sirrano, Rev. Maj. St. Andrew Parish Church, HWT St. Andrew
  St. Clement's, Kencot  
  St. Thomas Mission, Majesty Gardens  
Lambert, Owen, Rev.  (SM) St. David's, Snowdon Manchester
Lewis, Don, Rev.  St. Mary's, Montpelier  St. James
  St. Stephen's, Cambridge  
  St. Matthew's, Catadupa  
  St. Saviour's, Chichester  
  All Saints', Chester Castle  
  St. Mark's, Chigwell  
Lewis, Larius, Rev St. Andrew Parish Church, HWT St. Andrew
Llewyn, Cleve  Rev. (SM) St. Mary's, Montpelier St. James
Lynch, Percival, Rev.  St. Mary's, Lucea Parish Church Hanover
  Church of the Holy Trinity, Green Island  
  St. Agnes', Grange  
  St. Augustine's, Church Hill  
  St. Bartholomew's, Dalmally  
  St. Philip's, Eaton  
Major-Campbell, Sean, Rev Christ Church, Vineyard Town Kingston
Manderson, Charles, Very Rev. Canon St. Mary Parish Church St. Mary
  St. Alban's, Albion Mtn.  
  St. Elizabeth's, Mason Hall  
  St. Luke's, Bonny Gate  
  St. Peter's,  Galina  
McDonald, Icilda, Rev. (SM) St. Matthew's, Claremont St. Ann
McLaren, Zelphya, Rev. St. Augustine's, Coral Gardens St. James
McLean, Robert, Very Rev.  Church of the Reconciliation, Bridgeport Portmore
  St. Paul's Mission, Gr. Portmore Portmore
McLeod, Basil E, Rev. St. Mary's, Southfield St. Elizabeth
  St. Mark's, Mayfield  
  St. David's, Morningside  
  St. Alban's, Stanmore  
  St. Aidan's, Bull Savannah  
  St. Paul's, Tryall  
Mellish, Horace Bryan  (SM) St. James Parish Church St. James
Moore, Sydney, Rev. Christ Church, Morant Bay
St. Thomas
  St. Boniface, Whitehall
  St. Matthias, Middleton
  St. Matthew's, Wilmington
Mowatt, Leslie, Rev. St. Mary the Virgin, Marverly St. Andrew
  Church of the Resurrection, Duhaney Park  
  St. Paul's, Tower Hill  
Murdock, Vincent, Rev. St. Thomas Cure, Lacovia St. Elizabeth
Nembhard, Justin, Very. Rev. Canon St. James Parish Church, Montego Bay St. James
  St. Francis, Glendevon  
Newsome, Melvin, Rev. (SM) St. Mary's, Montpelier St. James
Nisbeth, Shawn, Rev. St. Augustine's Cure, Porus Manchester
Nugent, Isaac,  Rev. (SM) St. Michael's, Kew Park Westmoreland
Panton, Keith, Rev. Dr. (SM)  St. Mark's, Mandeville  Manchester
Perrin, Hartley, Very Rev. Canon the Hon. St. John's, Darliston Westmoreland
  St. Barnabas', Beeston Spring  
  St. James', New Roads  
  St. Matthias, Kentucky  
  St. Peter's, Petersfield  
Poinsett, Beverly, Rev.   (SM) St. Jago de la Vega, The Cathedral St. Catherine
Powell, Abner, Rev. Canon All Saints’, West Street Kingston
Reid, Alfred, Rt. Rev. Dr. Retired Bishop of Jamaica  
Reid, Andrew, Rev. Holy Trinity Cure, Westgate Montego Bay
  Holy Cross Mission  
Reid, Collin, Very Rev. Canon St. Jago de la Vega, The Cathedral St. Catherine
  Holy Trinity, Spanish Town  
  St. John's, Sligoville  
  St. Joseph's, Innswood/McCook's Pen  
  St. Matthew's, Mt. Moorland  
  St. Barnabas, Crescent  
Reid, David "Tony", Rev. St. Thomas' Cure, Lacovia
St. Elizabeth
  Church of the Holy Trinity, Whitehall  
  St. Jude's, Slipe  
  St. Margaret's, Middlesex  
Richards, Horace, Rev. St. George’s, Blackstonedge (St. Ann) St. Catherine
  All Saints', Guy's Hill  
  St. Paul's, Clapham  
Riley, Elizabeth, Rev. St. Luke's Church, Cross Roads St. Andrew
Roach, A. Elizabeth, Rev. St. Paul's, Chapelton Clarendon
  All Saints', Mt. Providence C/E  
  St. James', Rock River  
  St. Mark's, Beckford Kraal  
  Woodall, C/E  
Robinson, Shirley, Rev. (SM) St. Peter's, Alley Clarendon
Rowe, Beulah, Rev. St. Peter's Cure, Pedro Plain St. Elizabeth
Ruddock, Ula, Rev. (SM) Holy Trinity, Grange Hill  
Russell, Milton, Rev.   (SM) St. Peter's Cure, Pedro Plain St. Elizabeth
Satchell, Veront, Rev  (SM) Church of Ascension, Mona St. Andrew
Sharp, Paul, Rev. (SM) Church of the Transfiguration St. Andrew
Simpson, Marlon, A Rev. St. Peter's , Alley Clarendon
  St. Thomas', Race Course  
  St. John's, Portland Cottage  
  St. Saviour's, Milk River  
  St. Luke's, Mitchell Town  
  St. Andrew's, Rocky Point  
Smalling, Perline, Rev.  (SM) St. John's, Ocho Rios St. Ann
Smith, Ralston, Rev. Canon (Ret.) St. Margaret's, Liguanea St. Andrew
Soares, Barrington, Very Rev. St. Mark's, Mandeville Manchester
  St. James', Kendal  
  St. Michael and All Angels  
  St. Philip's, Old England  
Solomon, Michael, Rev. Holy Trinity, Grange Hill Westmoreland
  Church of the Transfiguration, Mt. Grace  
  St. James', Grange  
  St. Luke's,Cessnock  
Sutherland, Miranda, Rev. (SM) Church of Reconciliation Portmore
Taylor-Younge, Ransford , Rev. Holy Trinity, Retreat St. Mary
  St. John's, Gayle  
  St. Andrew's, Labyrinth  
  St. Matthew's, Boscobel   
  St. Margaret's, Clifton Lodge  
Thaxter, Kenneth, Rev.  (SM)   St. Mark's, Mandeville
Thomas, Veronica, Rev. St. James', Annotto Bay St. Mary
  St. Barnabas', Enfield  
  St. Margaret's, Long Road  
  St. Mark's,Scott's Hall  
  St. Patrick's, Devon Pen C/E  
Thomas, Winston, Venerable St. Gabriel's, May Pen Clarendon
  All Saints', Richmond Park  
  St. James', Hayes  
  St. John's, Palmers Cross C/E  
  St. Paul's, Mocho  
Thompson, Robert, Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop of Kingston  
Tucker, Richard, Very Rev. St. John's, Ocho Rios  St. Ann
  St. Francis, Hiattsfield  
  St. Agnes, Salisbury  
Tulloch, Alton, Very Rev. Dr. St. Michael’s, Victoria Ave Kingston
  St. Patrick's, Windward Road  
White, Rita, Rev. (SM) St. Michael's, Belfield St. Mary
Wiggan, Melrose, Rev. (SM) Church of St. Margaret, Liguanea St. Andrew
Wiggan, Wesley, Rev.  (SM) St. John's, Black River St. Elizabeth
Williams, Whitson, Rev. St. Matthew’s, Allman Town Kingston
Willis, William, Rev. (SM) All Saints', Crofts Hill Clarendon
Wilson, Ulric  (SM)  Christ Church, Morant Bay St. Thomas


Cunningham, Elaine, (DSS) St. Hugh's High School (Principal) St. Andrew
Peters, Esmin (DSS) (ret.)   St. Andrew
Vernon, Evelyn (DSS)  [on leave] St. Mary the Virgin, Marverly St. Andrew


Henry, Joshua, Capt.  Spot Valley  Mission St. James
Levien, Doris, Sis  (Ret)    St. Andrew
Lue-Bernard, Cynthia, Sis (Ret)    
Moss, Myrel  Sis St. Monica's Children's Home, Chapelton Clarendon
Prince, Shirley  Sis  (Ret)    
Roberts, Alverine D  Sis St. Gabriel's, May Pen Clarendon
Stewart, Melvorn Sis Holy Trinity, Westgate St. James
Taylor, Andrea, Sis St. Andrew Parish Church St. Andrew
Thomas, Phyllis Sis St. Mark's, Mandeville Manchester
Thompson, Norma Sis  Chaplain, Church Teachers' College Manchester
Walton, Molly Sis St. Paul's, Portmore Portmore


Braham, Renaldo O, Rev. Fr.
Clarke, Gervaise, Rev. Canon
Cohen, C.E. Vivian, Rev. Canon
Daniel, Judith, Rev. Canon
Daniel, Harold, Rt. Rev.
deSouza, Neville, Rt. Rev.
Fisher, Gladstone, Rev.
Forbes, Jean, Rev.
Forbes, Marcia, Rev.
Gordon, Ernle, Rev. Canon
Guntley-McKenzie, Rev. Dr. Venice
Hall, Doreen, Rev.
Hall, Levi, E., Rev
Hoo Sang, Leslie, Rev. 
Lee, Easton, Rev
Lewis, Kenrick, Rev
Lindsay, William, Rev.
Lindo, Astley, Rev.
Lynch, Hollis, Ven.
Martin-Rhodes, Lilla, Rev.
McMillian, Cynthia, Rev.
Mullings, Peter, Rev. Canon
Munroe, James, Rev.
Murdock, Vincent, Rev.
Ottey, Anthony, Rev.
Prince, Glenbert, Rev. Canon
Reid, Alfred, Rt. Rev.
Robertson, Egbert, Rev. Canon
Samuda, Robin, Rev.
Samuda, Vincent, Rev.
Saunders, Leonard, Rev.
Scott, Vernon, Rev.
Smith, Ralston, Rev. Canon
Spence, Harris, Rev.
Stephens, Eric, Rev
Stone, Alvin, Venerable
Sutton, Marion, Rev
Taylor, E Don, Rt. Rev. (overseas)
Thomas, George, Rev. Canon
Wint, Vecas, Rev.


Barnes, Denzil, Rev. Canon Diocesan Secretary, Church House  
Brown, Michael, Rev  On leave  
Buchanan, Barrington, Rev. Principal, Black River High School
St. Elizabeth


Carey, Melvin, Rev. Chaplain, University Hospital of the West Indies  
Francis, Kenute, Rev Overseas  
Jennings, Edward, Rev. Chaplain, Prisons  
Jervis, Georgia, Rev. Diocesan Training Officer, Church House  
Kinkead, Khaliah, Rev. Director, Hillcrest Diocesan Retreat Centre, Brown's Town  
Minott, Garth, Rev. Anglican Warden, United Theological College of the West Indies  
Parkes, R. M. "Jim", Rev. Property Development Manager, Church House  
Phillips, Cheryl, Rev. Coordinator - Education and Youth Department (temp.)  
Smalling, Denston ,Rev. Chaplain, Jamaica Defense Force  
Tulloch, Carlton, Rev. Assistant Chaplain, Jamaica Constabulary Force  
Warner, Stephanie, Rev. Hospital Chaplain, Kingston Public/Victoria Jubilee Hospitals, Bustamante Children's Hospital and the Kingston School of Nursing  
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